Lengths, thickness, service duties; these are all things that should be considered when selecting an extension cord. Generally, the cord is thicker if more power is required by an appliance to operate. This is due to thicker wires within the cord for conveyance. When a cord is to be used in various outdoor applications such as areas that are wet or where the cord will be enduring extensive sunlight exposure it should be selected accordingly to protect against these hazardous conditions not only for safety purposes but for proper functionality too. Safety features may include a grounded terminal, fusible link, polarized plug and receptacle, power-on indicator, or even a ground-fault circuit interrupter(GFCI) Below you'll find a selection of extension cords as well as information to help determine which cord best suits your needs. Other RV extension cords are utilized as Marine Cords


15 Amp Extension cords

Perfect for the outdoors, this 14 gauge extension cord provides an additional 30' feet to any appliance or accessory that requires 15 amps. Safety features include a polarized plug and receptacle with terminal ground.
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15 amp extension cord

12v Coiled Extension Cords

These handy coiled cords both provide a reach, greater for any 6 or 12 volt accessory or appliance stretching anywhere from 2-4 ' up to 6-15' . The 6' cord includes a power-on LED indicator ensuring connectivity, a seal ring to keep moisture out, and a relief strain complete with an integrated 10A fuse. The 15' cord includes a female receptacle intended for 6 or 12 volt accessories or appliances.
12v Coiled Extension Cords

30 Amp Extension Cords

Manufactured to safely convey and extend power up to 25 and 50 foot lengths from the original source. RV Century Extension Cords include many features such as a right angle connector, 100% copper wiring, cold weather functionality, and convenient lighted ends for circuited power indication.
    Available Options:
Basic 30 Amp RV cords.
    • 30' & 50' extension with black color
    • 30 AMP
    • Type 10/3 STW
Extension Cords

50 Amp Extension Cords

These 50 Amp extension cords extend power beyond the source at 30 and 36 feet. They include a 50 Amp, 125/250V right angle plug and connector with 100% copper wiring all wrapped snug in a cold weather jacket, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -40°!
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Struggle no more, Camco's 50 Amp extension cord comes equipped with convenient Power Grip handles enabling easy use with a firm hold. It provides an additional extension of 30' off the main power source. Included is an adjustable carrying strip made of durable nylon to keep the cord neatly coiled for storage.
50 amp Extension Cords